VIDEO: Nigerian Senator Peter Nwaoboshi’s Audacious Toast to ‘Fresh from Jail’ Former Governor James Ibori

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This video that has now gone viral on Nigerian social media shows the euphoric moment when family members and close friends welcomed former governor of Delta state and PDP strongman James Ononafe Ibori home from serving his jail term in a UK facility.


James Ibori


A lot of people are condemning the fact that a serving senator, Peter Nwaoboshi, representing Delta North, was seen in the video openly declaring that James Ibori ‘made’ governors, senators and speakers from his jail cell, he also mentioned the president of the Nigerian senate as one of those Ibori supported and made. Don’t forget that the last time Ibori was arrested in Nigeria he was found by the EFCC hiding in the Kwara State guest house in Abuja, that was in December of 2007, current Senate President Bukola Saraki was Governor of Kwara state at the time.

The EFCC brought theft of public funds, abuse of office, and money laundering as charges against Ibori, but he was discharged and acquitted by a Nigerian court sitting in his home state of Delta in 2009.

Three months after Goodluck Jonathan became president, Ibori was accused of embezzling N40 billion, the governor of CBN later said that he had used Delta state as collateral for N40 billion loan. Attempts to arrest him were unsuccessful. He reportedly fled from Abuja to Lagos and then to the creeks of Oghara, his homeland in the Niger Delta. There were rumors that he was guarded by militants who shot at government security forces. He denied these charges.

In April 2010, he fled Nigeria, prompting the EFCC to request the assistance of Interpol. An international arrest warrant was issued by the United Kingdom and enforced by Interpol and eventually Ibori was arrested on May 13, 2010 in Dubai.

Watch VIDEO below:

Watch this video and listen to Peter Nwaoboshi very well, a sitting Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for that matter. What a shame! Hear Peter Nwaboshi boast how Ibori made Saraki president of Senate, made Okowa gov, made him a Senator, made his daughter a member of house of assembly, and made Igbuya speaker of the House – all from the confines of a British prison!

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