No More Internet Privacy: Britain Passes The ‘Snooper’s Charter’

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As it is, the British state now has the ability to indiscriminately hack, intercept, record, and monitor the communications and internet use of its entire population.




The Draft Communications Data Bill (also referred to as the Snoopers’ or Snooper’s Charter) was initially proposed by the then Home Secretary Theresa May (now Prime Minister) and has been passed into law a few days ago.

The law which would require internet service providers and mobile phone companies to maintain records of each user’s internet browsing activity (including social media), email correspondence, voice calls, internet gaming, and mobile phone messaging services and store the records for up to 12 months is anticipated to cost the government around £1.8 billion.

As expected, there has been massive criticism of the action, which is coming under the guise of counter-terrorism. Silkie Carlo wrote:

we cherish our civil liberties. Everyone has a stake in guarding our democracy, protecting minorities from suspicionless surveillance, defending protest rights, freedom of the press, and enjoying the freedom to explore and express oneself online. These freedoms allow our thoughts, opinions and personalities to flourish and develop – they are the very core of democracy”.

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