Mariah Carey May Have Messed Up, But Her Dancers Are the Best!

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Yeah, Mariah Carey may have F’ed up so badly during that new year’s eve live performance, but I want to give it up for her dancers.



Those dancers right there redefined what we all know as showbiz professionalism, and they took the F from what was going on with the boss lady and put it in ‘Focus’, They did!


Anything short of what those guys did on that statge would hve made the entire mess worse for everybody. Because they kept at what they trained to do, most of the audience still managed to enjoy what those of us who watched on TV considered and still consider as Mariah’s worst outing ever.


With everything going so awfully wrong for Miss Carey at the same time, when even Mariah couldn’t save Mariah from being caught lipsyncing to her own songs, those guys kept to their own part of the bargain to the end, even trying to help get her back into the groove more than once.


This post isn’t about Mariah’s gaffe, everyone else is talking about that already, this is about those dancers. They all need to put this video on their CVs.


Great work guys, sorry once again Miss Carey bay-bee!


Watch again:


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